Bike Brunch

It’s finally time to bring this amazingly fun monthly event to Los Angeles!

Cities from San Francisco to Nashville host a brunch for ladeez of all kinds to gather and discuss anything bike (or not!) related with each other, away from a computer screen and with delicious food.

Our very first LA Bike Brunch for women/trans/femme (only) will be held on Saturday, October 20th. We’ll bump it up to 10:00am to avoid the brunch-time rush. We’ll meet at Home Restaurant Silver Lake, 2500 Riverside Drive at Fletcher Drive. Please RSVP in the comments or by email at brakingthelimits//at\\gmail(dot)com. If we get a large enough group, I can call ahead and make a reservation.

LA is a vast expanse of a megalopolis, so I will plan for future brunches to be in neighborhoods all over the city from east to west, but venturing out to a new ‘hood is always an exciting adventure so feel free to combine whatever modes of transport to join in.


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