Life on Two Wheels: Revisited

Josie Smith, writer of the Life on Two Wheels blog, first interviewed me in May of 2015 about my reasons for riding, my personal inspiration and my thoughts on women’s cycling in Los Angeles and in general terms. So much has changed since then (SO MUCH!) and I was glad she came back around to do an update interview. Many of my thoughts have changed, really become more personal because of injuries and health related to cycling, so I had a different view on how I find my inspiration and motivation nowadays.

I’ve been struggling with how to talk about my struggles. At first, I didn’t want to depress other cyclists by discussing the darker side of our sport – the crashes, the injuries, the traumas – but now I realize that it’s good to share, both for me and for a reader who shares my feelings. I’ll try to cover an abbreviated version of what’s happened since I last checked in on the website and dive further in depth on the aspects that can be more relatable.

But I am still biking! And I still believe that biking has given me more than it has taken away. We do know that biking can be dangerous, but it can still be rewarding and give life great meaning and hope.

With that said, you can read the entire Revisited interview here to get an idea of what has been going on the past year.



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