How Does That Happen?

How does time fly by THAT quickly? I know we all say that, but really, it’s already going to be 2016 in a few weeks. I haven’t updated the blog since 2014. I suppose that’s how blogs roll, though.

We only had a few #bikebrunchLA brunches this year. It was a combination of volunteering lots at the Bicycle Kitchen, growing S.W.A.T and leading weekly rides, and changing jobs and starting a beautiful new relationship. These things + sleep = a whole year flown by.

I’ll post a quick recap of our 2015 brunches and the routes we took. We ventured far this year and found new brunchers to join us on the ride. I am almost unable to come up with more brunch locations and longer rides to get there because you all have gotten so strong! Ideas and suggestions are very. very welcome.

Here’s to a new year of #bikebrunchLA and to more riding and learning!


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