June Bike Brunch

It’s back after a hiatus! Happy to welcome summer to LA and what spells summer better than a PICNIC! I’ll be teaching a workshop on the morning of June 29 with the Dorothy Wong at Red5 Yellow7 that is called How To Bike in LA Traffic: Street Riding. You can RSVP at the Facebook page here. It’s part of a 2-workshop series on the topic. So join the classroom discussion event on the Thursday before. Red5 Yellow7 is an art space connected to the Orange 20 bike shop in East Hollywood and run by Nona Varnado, writer of the The Bird Wheel blog.

anyWAY, we’ll be starting the short bike ride to the picnic from the Red5 Yellow7/Orange 20 corner on Heliotrope and Melrose, one block west of Vermont. We’ll depart at 12:00pm and head on a simple 5-mile route to the Silver Lake Meadow, the newly created lawn connected to the Silver Lake Reservoir. Closest to the end of the meadow, heading north up Silver Lake Blvd and toward the corner of Armstrong and Silver Lake Blvd, will be a tall blue beach umbrella set up. That marks our spot. I’ll be bringing mimosas, pastries and sweets. Please bring whatever you’d like! I’ll have cups, silverware and plates for us too. It should be a beautiful afternoon!



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