Guest Post: Suzanne from La Bella Preme Cycling Event

This June, women from all over the region are taking part in Le Bella Preme cycling challenge, a ride of with three distances for riders of any skill. I first met Raelynn at the Women’s Bike Summit in Long Beach last year and believe in her spirit to get any and every woman on a bike and feeling confidant and empowered for it. Today’s guest post is from Suzanne M., a fundraiser and participant for La Bella Preme. If you decide to join the challenge, come find me there!


I just registered for a cycling event. More specifically, I just registered for La Bella Preme Women’s Cycling Challenge. Here’s the thing though: I don’t own a bike. I know how to ride one, I just don’t own one. And even though I’ve run several marathons over the last few years, this will be my very first cycling event. Ever. But that’s okay at La Bella Preme.

On June 1, 2013, women of all cycling abilities will toe the starting line together at La Bella Preme’s inaugural event in Malibu, California. (Do cyclists even say “Toe the starting line” or do they say “Wheel the starting line”? I guess I’ll find out when I become a cyclist). La Bella Preme was designed for women cyclists, by women cyclists, and welcomes beginners and pros alike.

Riding right alongside me at La Bella Preme will be Sue Fish, a pioneering female motocross racer and cyclist who was recently inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.  With a nickname like “The Flying Fish”, Sue is not someone I would typically have any business riding against. But that’s the thing at La Bella Preme – I’m not riding against Sue, I’m riding with Sue. In addition to challenges that level the playing field and give me a flying chance to beat the Flying Fish, cycling professionals like Sue and her B4T9 Women’s Cycling teammates, Jill Gass and RaeLynn Milley, will be on hand to mentor novice riders like me.

As if that wasn’t enough to convince me to register, the event starts and ends at Triunfu Creek Vineyards in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. Instead of eating stale bagels and washing them down with tiny cups of sports drink while being rushed out of the post-race area as I’ve experienced at countless marathons, we will celebrate and be celebrated after a long day of riding at La Bella Preme.  We will change into clean clothes and relax in real chairs while enjoying good food, fine wine and the company of new friends.

So how did a non-cyclist like me (or rather a “soon-to-be cyclist” like me) hear about La Bella Preme? I heard about it at work. It’s an Event 360 produced event and we are partnering with local non-profits. La Bella Preme participants have the opportunity to fundraise on behalf of I Am That Girl, Little Bellas and Girls on the Run of Los Angeles County; three organizations that are making a difference in the lives of young girls across the country and around the world.

Now you’re probably starting to understand why I signed up for La Bella Preme without even thinking about the fact that I don’t own a bike. Making new friends, making a difference, getting some exercise and following all of that up with good food, fine wine and camaraderie sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday (or, really, any day). You, too, can register by clicking here. My new bike and I will see you in Malibu on June 1, 2013. .

Suzanne Mooney is a Fundraising Consultant at Event 360. Please send her a note at


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