Emerald S.

My name is Emerald and I have been commuting by bike for about 5 and a half years. I started biking because of convenience (living in a smaller town where many people bike and having a car isn’t practical) and for environmental reasons. All of my small commutes were on bike and I felt great about it. For about 2 years, I even biked to school everyday, which was only a 6 mile ride but up a mountain.

Now I live in Los Angeles and I have a 10 mile commute to work (and 10 back) which I do about 2-3 days of the work week. I try to do my small errands on bike and take it to the red line when going into Hollywood or Downtown. I even sometimes bike in fancy clothes when I am going to an event which calls for it. Being a cyclist in this city is not easy and not always pleasant, but I feel great about it. Commuting by bicycle helps me save money, reduce my stress, increase my physical activity, and perhaps most importantly – be ONE LESS car in Los Angeles. I feel great about being a female cyclist and being able to fix everything on my bike and help other people do the same. Cycling for me is an empowering activity – both physically and mentally.


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