Meet My Bikes

The most important part of being a bicyclist is the tool by which she hurdles through time and space – the bike. You wouldn’t truly be getting to know me if you didn’t meet my bikes. Whenever a new person enters my home, I find myself giving introductions. So I’ll do the same for you virtually!

1980s Centurion, bought used and modified for comfort while commuting.

Best feature: drink holder, Brooks B17s saddle

Worst Feature: short head tube, rack is too heavy



2012 Bianchi Imola for fast road riding and club rides. Couple of changes since this picture but she’s only prettier now.
Best feature: screams Bianchi

Worst feature: screams Bianchi



1984 Peugeot Chambord recently restored (by moi!) for relaxed commuting. Lucky Craigslist buy. Secretly my favorite bike, but it will hurt some feelings if you blurt that aloud.

Best feature: original fenders, chain guard, original mustache handlebars

Worst feature: toe overlap, occasional rattling sounds that I can’t figure out


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