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W/T/F Bike Brunch + Cycling Clothing Swap

Do you have cycling jerseys piling up in your drawers? Are you thinking about trying out a cycling clothing brand but don’t know how their sizing really fits? Have you been pedaling lots lately and a jersey is too big now? Buy something online and it’s not quite right? Bring it to the clothing swap!

For August, we’ll be having brunch at my house and while we eat we can shop each others’ cycling clothes. A clothing swap has no rules except to give a good item of clothing a second life for free. We’ll set up some racks for jerseys, socks, arm warmers, old (but in good condition) helmets, and anything else cycling related (parts, caps, products) that you feel needs a good home with a fellow rider. If you have brand new or vintage pieces to sell, I can make a separate section for it.

For food, I’ll have most provided, but if you’d like to bring a special dish or a beverage to share, please do. No ride planned for this month, but I encourage carpooling or bike train-ing here. Plenty of safe bike parking at the house.

10:00AM – 2:00PM
Email to RSVP for location details

March W/T/F Bike Brunch

Sunday, March 23rd @ 10:30am to Gjelina Take Away

Meet: 10am / Ride: 10:30am

Planned by the awesome Brianna, from The Sister Sledge blog:

In the spirit of Crash Marathon we will be riding from the East Side to the West Side for brunch. This is not for the faint of heart, but you will work up an appetite. The ride is approximately 15 miles one way.

We’ll be meeting the The Bicycle Kitchen/La Bicicocina in East Hollywood. They run a really great night on Mondays for Women/Trans/Femme only, creating a safe space for us to learn how to fix our bikes and swap knowledge. Check it out some Monday if you can.

Our route will take us through Hollywood along Fountain, through West Hollywood, the residential part of Beverly Hills and then down along the Ballona Creek Bike Path. We plan to stop by Menotti’s for a cup o’ joe, since it is a fellow cyclist’s new shop, on our way to Gjelina.

If anyone would like to volunteer to meet us at Gjelina with a vehicle that has a bike rack for those who would like to do half of the ride please send an email to the address below. You can also catch the Gold Line from Culver City, if you would prefer to digest brunch on a mode of transportation other than your bicycle.

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO RSVP TO: so we can make a reservation in advance!

January W/T/F Bike Brunch LA


We’re setting the tone for another year of pedaling ahead of us with our first bike brunch of the month. This month we’re going to ride over to Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock for some (almost) home-cooked comfort food. Don’t be afraid of the yummy calories we’ll consume, you’ve got a whole year of fun rides ahead of you!

This time we’ll be meeting the The Bicycle Kitchen/La Bicicocina in East Hollywood. They run a really great night on Mondays for Women/Trans/Femme only, creating a safe space for us to learn how to fix our bikes and swap knowledge. Check it out some Monday if you can. Our route will take us through Atwater Village into Eagle Rock, showing off the new bike lanes on Glendale Blvd.

Also want to give credit to Brianna, new bruncher and new Angeleno, for helping to jumpstart the energy and planning for this year’s W/T/F Bike Brunch. She’s a behind-the-scenes gem of a friend who should be recognized for her efforts. You can get to know her better through her website The Sister Sledge or meet her on January 26th.

Email me to RSVP – brakingthelimits(at)gmail(dot)com!

Extra special thanks to Nicole for creating the artwork. Check her out at Taliisman.

Extra special thanks to Nicole for creating the artwork. Check her out at Taliisman.

W/T/F Bike-In Movie Night co-hosted with Bicycle Bitchen

For the start of fall (end of fall?), let’s celebrate female power in biking with a tribute of movies on the big screen. OK, big wall. The Bicycle Kitchen’s Bicycle Bitchen night is co-hosting with me a bike-in movie night showcasing 4 shorts and films featuring female power!

November 16 starting at 5:30PM at the Bicycle Kitchen, 4429 Fountain Ave at Virgil Ave.

Let’s make it a sweets and treats POTLUCK! We’ll have popcorn and spiced apple punch (spiked perhaps?). Bring your blankets and chairs. Plenty of bike parking.


Bike love, the story about a girl and her love for her bike. Shot around Los Angeles and featuring an active member of the Angelopes and MR. Directed by Rick Darge.

Georgena Terry: The Movie
Amanda Zackem’s documentary about Terry, the woman who founded Terry bicycles and revolutionized the women’s biking industry by creating a frame specific to a woman’s body.

Brokeback Mountain Bikes
Starring Glenys del Marvellous and Jacqui Twister this is the story of two cowgirls who ride their folding bikes through the wild west and fall into the naughty tent, boots and all!

Racing Is Life: The Beryl Burton Story
For those that have heard the name but know very little about Beryl Burton, Beryl was a no nonsense Yorkshire tomboy who won the RTTC Best All Rounder 25 years in a row from 1959 until 1983. She was 7 times world champion in the 3,000 metre pursuit and on the road – all while being a mother and holding down jobs on fruit farms in West Yorkshire.

June Bike Brunch

It’s back after a hiatus! Happy to welcome summer to LA and what spells summer better than a PICNIC! I’ll be teaching a workshop on the morning of June 29 with the Dorothy Wong at Red5 Yellow7 that is called How To Bike in LA Traffic: Street Riding. You can RSVP at the Facebook page here. It’s part of a 2-workshop series on the topic. So join the classroom discussion event on the Thursday before. Red5 Yellow7 is an art space connected to the Orange 20 bike shop in East Hollywood and run by Nona Varnado, writer of the The Bird Wheel blog.

anyWAY, we’ll be starting the short bike ride to the picnic from the Red5 Yellow7/Orange 20 corner on Heliotrope and Melrose, one block west of Vermont. We’ll depart at 12:00pm and head on a simple 5-mile route to the Silver Lake Meadow, the newly created lawn connected to the Silver Lake Reservoir. Closest to the end of the meadow, heading north up Silver Lake Blvd and toward the corner of Armstrong and Silver Lake Blvd, will be a tall blue beach umbrella set up. That marks our spot. I’ll be bringing mimosas, pastries and sweets. Please bring whatever you’d like! I’ll have cups, silverware and plates for us too. It should be a beautiful afternoon!


March Bike Brunch!

This year is already flying by us! Spring is in the air all over this fine city. I sure hope that March doesn’t bring any lion-like rain on a normally lamb-like Sunday. That lamb-like Sunday being March 24th of course, the date for the next W/T/F Bike Brunch.

In honor of the old CicLAvia route downtown, heck just in honor of yummy food, let’s pedal our way down to Mercado La Paloma. If you’ve never heard of the space, it’s a converted garment factory-cum-gathering space. Several restaurants have stalls located within and there are neat little shops, too. You may be familiar with Jonathan Gold’s ravings over Ricardo Zapate and Mo-Chica Restaurant perhaps? Well, Zapate began with a stall in Mercado and still keeps it running. Yeah, now we’re on to something. GOOD FOOD!

There is something for everyone at Mercado, and it’s a bit more lunch-y than brunch-y so we’re starting the ride at 10:30am instead of the usual 10am. So maybe have a snack before you hop on your bike. But the ride will be fun, easy route through Silver Lake into downtown, along the tall sparkling buildings and by the parks. The meetup spot is the Sunset Triangle Plaza on Sunset at the end of Griffith Park Blvd. It’s the new (and green!) pedestrian plaza/parklet where the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market is held. Email me to RSVP – brakingthelimits(at)gmail(dot)com!

Bike-Brunch-Flyer (March)

Brunching in Burbank Along the Sunny River Path

Eat your heart out, east coast. Today we enjoyed a 70 degree sunny, clear blue sky as we rode a few miles along the LA River Path into Burbank for brunch. We followed the beginnings of a network of bike lanes and sharrows in Burbank to our restaurant, Sweetsalt Foods, on Riverside Drive. It was about an 18-mile ride round trip. Burbank has recently approved both a bicycle master plan and a city general plan (for development and growth) and will soon be seeing better alternative transportation infrastructure that will make riding there even better. Might today’s group also suggest to the city smoother roadways and improved road conditions? Somewhere along those roads I hit a bump that gave me a snake bite (punctured tube from it pinching the two sides of the rim inside the tire). Not fun to walk out of the restaurant to, but luckily last December’s bike workshop brushed me up on my flat tire skills!

On the path heading north to Burbank from Atwater Village.

On the path heading north to Burbank from Atwater Village.

February Bike Brunch group

Flat tires are never convenient but easily (and quickly) can be changed to get back on the road.

Flat tires are never convenient but easily (and quickly) can be changed to get back on the road.


February WTF Bike Brunch!

Back in action in 2013 and ready to ride and dine with you all!

This month’s ride will be on Sunday, February 24. The ride will start at the corner of Fletcher Drive & Crystal Street. Crystal Street is called Ripple on the west and Crystal on the east. There is a light at this corner so it makes turning on Crystal easier. Crystal ends in a cul-de-sac, where we will all meet to hop onto the River Path and head up to Burbank. We will be brunching at Sweetsalt Food Shop on Riverside Drive. Menu and restaurant info here:

Ride starts at 10:00am and we’ll be happy with food in our bellies by 11:00am. If you can’t make the ride, meet us at the restaurant!


Once again, our beautiful graphics provided by Nicole Smith.

December W/T/F/ Bike Workshop

It’s rainy and it’s been a long year (can you believe it’s December already?!) so let’s regroup as a community and put our skills to the test. This month’s event is a Bike Workshop focusing on basic bike maintenance and repair, fixing a flat, and putting your bike on the stand/getting comfortable in a bike shop setting. Then we hop on our bikes, take a quick ride to learn about nighttime safety and wet weather tips and end at the YAS Silver Lake yoga and spinning studio for a half hour yoga for cyclists class. SO. MUCH. FUN! All in one workshop :)

Don’t miss this!


November Ride & Brunch Recap

It turned out to be a pretty lucky day for the brunchers this time. The skies parted and the sun even came out for the hours we hit the road and broke bread together. Thanks to everyone who came for a fantastic time!

The ride was 7 miles through Griffith Park and climbing up Trash Truck Hill (also known as Garbage Truck Hill, but really, what’s the difference?) and back down to our starting location at the corner of Los Feliz Blvd and Crystal Springs Dr. If you liked the route, you can find the Strava details for it here and the full Google Maps view of the route here. Post up on the Facebook page if you’re ever interested in riding it with a partner!

After the ride, we headed for Village Bakery & Cafe in Atwater Village. Their pastry display case made me feel like I should do the Hill one more time before indulging! Bummer we didn’t make it to the Autry Museum Farmer’s Market but it’s a delicious outdoor option for a future brunch.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!